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The Royal Academy of Film

 is a new concept film education institution that brings together well-known producers, directors and actors in the international film industry.

With a unique real-time shooting plan, the college perfectly combines teaching and practice, so that students can directly enter the practical experience after enrollment. In addition, we will formulate an intensive study plan for the admission to famous international film schools.

We will help to plan, shoot, produce short films and personal portfolio for the entrance examination of those famous film school. 

The college advocates updating artistic concepts, strengthening film thinking, cultivating students with new creative concepts and techniques, infecting students with the talents and character of first-class teachers, and integrating free artistic power into the cultural atmosphere of the college.



Director Sam Yue Shen

(Principle of Royal Academy of Film) 

Sam has confirmed his direction for future film and television development through his local shooting practice in Vancouver. In the future, film works will not only be oriented to the Chinese market, but also to a broader international field.

The Royal Academy of Film and Media Technology restarted the filming of the TV series “Acting Class”, and decided to transform this project with international competitiveness, strengthen the multicultural color and entertainment, and promote it to international markets such as Netflix. Therefore, it is more international in the direction of director, actors and screen writing. While learning theoretically, the college gives students the opportunity to participate in professional film, television shooting and production. So that they have real experience and in the real film production while they are in school.


Your Instrutors

Director Sam Yue Shen

Director/ Program Head

Sam Shen is a director, producer, and writer from China who is a member of China Film Association and China Film Director’s Guild. In 2015, he became an overseas member of the council of Chinese Culture Promotion Society. Recently, he has been focused on collaborating with local filmmakers and producers in North America. Shen is well-known for directing Man Jiang Hong: The Death of Yue Fei (1992), Jiao Xia Tian Tang (2003), The Crossing (2013), and Decadence Vested In Loyalty (2016), as well as being a senior producer and co-director of I Dreamed a Dream (2021).

Shen began his career by directing the first actual (sound) recording TV show in China, Bing Shui Keng Ren Jia (1986). He then brought Jia Gan,1988 (1989) to the screen with an originality approach, which won the China TV Golden Eagle Award for excellent TV Show in 1989.

Throughout his career, Shen has directed over twenty films and TV shows in China, bringing groundbreaking and state-of-the-art aesthetic audiovisual experiences to audiences. He is an expert in making films and television with major historical elements, and is obsessed with portraying the emotional journey of his characters and their ups and downs. Shen’s ability to precisely handle colors, audio, and visuals has formed a unique and intense artistic style of filmmaking.

With the rapid growth of the Chinese film industry, Shen has become a key figure in bringing local Chinese film and television productions to the global stage. He effectively communicates with outstanding international production teams in order to utilize western filmmaking theories and producing experiences on local Chinese films. These experiences have made him more willing to apply cutting-edge techniques and creative concepts, such as using special visual effects solutions to enhance film and television portrayals.

Edwin Perez

Actor/Acting Coach/Director

Edwin Perez, a professional actor and voice artist for over 20 years. With a B.A. in English Literature from Simon Fraser University, an Acting Certificate from VADA, studies in New York with John Strasberg, former director of the New York Actors Studio, and training at Russia’s renowned Moskovsky Art Theatre. Edwin has a wealth of experience in theatre, film, television, video games, commercials, and animation. Edwin has worked on projects such as iZombie, Lucifer, Arrow, Supergirl, Lego Friends, Marvel’s Battle World, and Far Cry 6. Edwin also has extensive behind-the-scenes experience as a cinematographer and studio technician. 

Edwin has six years of experience in casting. Recently, Edwin became the Casting and Technical Coordinator for GO Studios, managing and maintaining video and audio equipment in 6 different studios, 3 voice over studios and a black box theater.

IMDB: Edwin Perez – IMDb

Daniel Clark

Film Production teacher, VFX Compositor and Cinematographer

Dan Clark started his career in the American motion picture industry as an apprentice to Oscar winning editor Claire Simpson. Since then he went on to serve as an assistant director for television shows such as E.R., PARTY OF FIVE and numerous music videos. Later, Dan began working exclusively in post-production again at various optical effect houses in Burbank, California. He shot title sequences, did 16mm blow-ups to 35 and created fades, dissolves and montages for numerous films including SWEET HOME ALABAMA, MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING and the Oscar winning documentary KINDERTRANSPORT.

Next, Dan evolved with the industry and moved into computer generated visual effects working on some of the most challenging effects-heavy blockbuster films in the business. His career highlights include being part of the team that did age-regression head replacement for Brad Pitt in THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMEN BUTTON and giving Jessica Alba her ability to disappear at the dinner table in FANTASTIC FOUR. He was part of the team that helped the late actor Paul Walker come back to life to finish filming his scenes for FAST AND FURIOUS 7 and was also part of the team to bring the late Chinese pop-star Teresa Teng back to life on the stage as a fully functioning 3D hologram. After that, Dan was part of the early team that developed methods to create 3D stereoscopic effects to allow actors, props and set pieces to be given depth and has done post stereoscopic conversion for TIM BURTON’S ALICE IN WONDERLAND, TRANSFORMERS 1 and 3 and SHREK 1-3 and many other film projects.

Dan then began a career in the Canadian film industry and has contributed visual effects compositing work for films MEN IN BLACK, PIXELS, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and most recently television shows NANCY DREW, THE COLOR PURPLE, A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN and a new Batman television show, GOTHAM KNIGHTS.

Dan is also a trusted and effective teacher for the YES EDUCATION CENTER and has taught young Chinese people a variety of subjects including English, Speech and Science.


Kuang Nan

Professor, Renowned Radio Host, Senior Advertising Executive, and Short-Video Blogger

Kuang Nan is a graduate of the Environmental Science Department at Nankai University, with an MBA degree from City University of New York in 2000, and was awarded the Chinese MBA Achievement Award. In 2017, he was named the Chinese Public Relations Communication Annual Person of the Year and was also awarded the Chinese Public Welfare Annual Person of the Year in 2017 and 2018. He received the Chinese Public Relations Golden Flag Award for 40 years of Reform and Opening-up. He was also a visiting scholar at Rutgers University in the United States.

After graduation, Kuang Nan worked in the copywriting and public relations fields at DDB Beijing Hengmei Advertising Company and Leo Burnett Advertising Company, where he created the industry classics “Happy Time, Delicious Share” for McDonald’s and “Breakthrough Technology, Inspiring the Future” for Audi. At the same time, he became a music program host at Beijing Radio, hosting “Chinese Song Chart” until 2000, and was named one of Beijing Radio’s “Top Ten Program Hosts” multiple times.

Starting in 1997, Kuang Nan worked as the China Market Manager at Universal Studios China and Walt Disney Television Limited, where he creatively planned and promoted the Universal Studios and Disney brands and related images in the areas of culture, communication, and the market, which helped promote and inherit these brands in the Chinese market effectively and rapidly. These successes have become a model for brand success in cross-cultural communication.

Since 2005, Kuang Nan has been teaching and conducting research in MBA and undergraduate programs at the Sino-Canadian School of Business, Beijing University of Technology, teaching courses such as advertising, marketing, international markets, integrated marketing communications, the art of public speaking, business policy, and bilingual teaching. In 2010, he was a guest professor at the Chinese Public Welfare Research Institute of Beijing Normal University and a professor at the Shenzhen International Public Welfare Institute until now. He has been awarded the title of “Most Popular Teacher” in the International EMP Program co-hosted by Indiana University School of Public Management.

In June 2020, Kuang Nan began to create short videos with zero experience. With deep research on the rules of short-video dissemination, he has become one of the most well-known professional bloggers in the short-video field, with over 108,000 fans on Little Red Book and more than 100,000 fans on other platforms such as Douyin and Video Accounts.

Michael Qian

Creative Director of Advertising/Senior Film and Television Producer

Michael Qian is a Senior Film and Television Producer and Creative Director of Advertising with a degree in Television Directing from the Communication University of China. Previously, he held positions as a Creative Director, Producer, and Director at Beijing Guoan Advertising. Within the industry, he is recognized as a “Creative Master” due to his contributions to the production of various large-scale advertisements and his involvement in the planning of film and television works. Some of his notable projects include advertising campaigns for FAW Audi, Huiyuan Juice, Qingdao Haier, and Hua Sheng Computer.



Mike is a former photographer for Phoenix TV America, possessing extensive experience and professional skills in the field of photography. He has shot various types of news, TV programs, and documentaries, and provided high-quality footage and video materials. He has also independently completed various complex outdoor shooting tasks. As an instructor, he guides students in practical operations such as outdoor shooting, lighting techniques, and composition of visual elements.

Lin En Jing

Cinematographer / Photographer

Lin En Jing is an experienced cinematographer and photographer who has worked for both CCTV and Beijing TV. He has been involved in a range of high-profile projects, including the production of “Traveling Through China” for CCTV Channel 4 and the “Red Flag Canal” series for Xinhua News Agency. He was also part of the filming team for the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. As an instructor, he aims to teach students various techniques and skills to effectively convey visual stories through film. He encourages innovation and adaptation to changing formats in the industry.